Welcome to Passion Fruit: Handmade Creations Empowering Women

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Passion Fruit: Handmade Creations Empowering Women”

  1. I LOVE my passion fruit bag! It’s the perfect tote for my lunches to and from work on the NYC subway and has come with me on many travels.. to the Hamptons, to Seattle, and Colorado. The quality of the craftsmanship is outstanding and the designs are really fun and unique. It’s also wonderful that all the proceeds go towards empowering women. What’s not to like?


  2. I’ve already bought one bag as a holiday gift, and I’m scoping out others! The quality is clearly amazing, and the variety of designs is so cool. There really is a bag for everyone. And knowing that money is going to support empowering women? Warm and fuzzy feelings abound.


  3. I purchased the bag with the tree design and I am so happy with it. I had a hard time choosing which design because so many of them would be perfect for “me”! It is beautiful, sturdy and well made! I even bought one for my sister as a gift. Everybody’s happy now!


  4. I LOVE my bags! I have two. I carry one to work everyday with my lunch and any other misc stuff that I need. I use the other to carry my camera when I want to go on an impromptu photo shoot. These bags are cute and durable. Great product and an even greater cause!! 🙂


  5. These tote bags are so beautifully made and there are so many different designs. I carry mine with books and for travel. I have given four of them away and the recipients love them. One of these totes will last a very long time as they are constructed so well. Sale of these go towards helping women.


  6. I love my bags – so many cool designs to choose from. High quality and very practical. Use all the time for multiple purposes – gym stuff, to & from work, to hold crafts & books while visiting hospital, waiting in doctor office, etc. Love these bags and the women/girls they support. Go Passion Fruit!


  7. I purchased the purple bag with the green bicycle and absolutely love it!! Great quality and such a good cause!! It’s perfect for travel. There are so many great designs, you almost have to order more than one!


  8. I absolutely love my passion fruit tote:) it’s the perfect size for carrying anything I need, labtop, books, wallet, etc. The design is truly one of a kind and I get compliments everywhere I go when I’m carrying it with me. And I love that I get to tell people that it’s more than just a bag, but also a way to help empower women across the globe!


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